We look forward to welcoming you in bringing your child to learn to swim at the Kingfisher School of Swimming. During the recent months where we have had to make adaptations to the way we operate we have found some aspects have worked very well for us. The feedback we have had has been very positive and we would like to carry some of the better methods forward into our regular teaching program.

We will operate with a maximum of 8/10 pupils in the deep end of the pool and 6/8 in the shallow end with 2 instructors/assistants per class. The classes will then be split in half again with 4 / 5 or 3/4 children working each side of the pool.  There will still be a lead instructor who will dictate the lesson format.

Below we have outlined some information for the term and what we believe to be areas you may wish to consider that makes the experience for your child a safe and positive one.

A few basic rules within the school grounds

  1. The school grounds are a strict no smoking zone including the car parks.
  2. No dogs are allowed in the school grounds.
  3. Apart from the car parks all other areas of the school are out of bounds.
  4. Please treat the area with respect
  5. Please do not leave your car running

Considerations before coming swimming:

  1. Bring your child in their costume ready for their lesson
  2.  1 parent per child should come into the pool building as the area is quite small.
  3. You may wish to continue wearing a mask in the building.
  4. IF POSSIBLE, leave all other siblings at home.
  5. Arrive at the pool only 5 minutes before the lesson is due to start.
  6. Consider bringing a towelling robe or onesie for your child to go home in to negate spending too much time in the changing rooms (these are small areas).
  7. Make sure your child has used the toilet before he/she gets to the pool.
  8. Ensure they have all the equipment they need for the lesson (hats and goggles)

Appropriate swimwear:

Please ensure that your child comes to lessons with the appropriate swimwear.

Girls should wear a one-piece costume with shoulder straps (no off the shoulder costumes).

Boys should wear fitted trunks or shorts. No long shorts.

No T-shirts should be worn or the beach one-piece costumes these are not suitable for swimming lessons as they hold water and create drag. 

When arriving at the pool in your car:

  1. The pool gates will not open until 4pm (during the week)
  • Parking is available in front of the school (you would then walk through the 2 sets of double gates and across the playground to the pool). Parking is also available in the school playground immediately in front of the pool. This area is very limited in parking due to a new building being placed in the area.
  • Parking is restricted so please be considerate when parking. The staff will park at the back of the car park in front of the pool building and will leave notices in their cars saying ‘staff parking’. Please feel free to park in front of these cars.
  • Drive slowly into the school grounds there will be children walking in the car parking area.
  • Cars should not be left with the engine running if parked in front of the pool

Inside the pool:

  • Anyone walking onto poolside should place overshoes (available) over their outdoor footwear or remove their shoes.

To assist with our being able to teach to the best of our ability we believe that without parents spectating the pupils are a lot more focused and the pool hall was a more relaxed and quieter environment for the pupils to learn. We have therefore introduced a ‘no spectating policy’ into our format.

However, parents of new pupils may stay and view the lessons for the first 4 weeks. After this time, we will ask you to leave the building. Of course, if there are any issues, we will let you know immediately

  •  We do understand that as parents you want to see your children’s progress throughout the term so we have 2 watching weeks before the next assessment week. These will be messaged to you during the term.
  • Once the initial 4 weeks are completed. You should then leave the pool once your child is in the water. You should return 5 minutes before the end of their lesson. Please wait in your car whilst your child is having their lesson. Please do not wait in the changing area.

After the lesson has finished:

  1. Showers will be available for use but shampoo and body wash should not be used. The showers are only for the use of rinsing off the chlorinated water.
  • Dress quickly (ideally in a onesie or toweling robe over a costume) and leave the building promptly to help reduce the amount of people in the changing areas at one time.


Please put the swim school telephone number into your phones contacts 07305 285575. All messages throughout the terms will be sent via WhatsApp Broadcast. Adding to your contacts will ensure you receive all messages.

We hope this information helps you in decisions going forward. If anything changes before the start or indeed during the term, we will of course contact you directly. Please be assured that your children’s safety is our utmost priority. If there are any questions at any time please do contact us.