1. Please shower your children before their lesson.
  2. Children should sit on the benches alongside the pool prior to their lesson.
  3. No outdoor shoes should be worn on poolside or overshoes should be worn.
  4. No food or drink is to be brought into the pool area.
  5. No pushchairs should be brought into the building.
  6. 8 year old & above to use the changing room of their gender only.
  7. All swimmers should wear close fitting trunks/costumes. The wearing of baggy shorts or beach suits is inappropriate for ‘learning’ and cause unnecessary resistance in the water inhibiting the acquisition of the correct skills.
  8. No jewellery to be worn whilst swimming except ear studs.
  9. No running on pool side.
  10. No throwing objects unless directed to do so by the instructor.
  11. No chewing gum.
  12. No videoing or photography.
  13. Video phones are not to be used in the spectator area or changing rooms.
  14. Parents/Carers are responsible for taking their children to the toilet and in the changing rooms.
  15. Good behaviour at all times.
  16. Respect the facility and the learning environment of other swimmers.
  17. Swimming hats must be worn by all pupils Blue for those in the shallow end of the pool. Black for those in the deeper end of the pool.