Policies & Procedures

Child Protection Policy

The Kingfisher School of Swimming takes child protection very seriously and we have under the guidance of the STA (Swimming Teachers Association) have drawn up a policy that relates to the school. This is available on request.

Pool Safety Operating Procedures

The swimming school has its own normal operating procedure and emergency action plan. Copies of these are available on request.

Use of Photographic & Videoing Equipment

The use of photographic and videoing equipment is strictly forbidden unless prior arrangement has been made.

Under the guidelines of the child protection policy all spectators wishing to engage in any use of photographic / video equipment at the pool should in the first instance register their intent (a phone call). From there you must then register all details with staff at the pool before carrying out any filming or photography this includes use of a mobile phone.

Under no circumstances should photography or filming take place in the changing areas.