As we approach the end of this current term There are a few things we would like to bring to your attention.


Below the cost are noted for the next term. The annual pool membership of £10 per family is also due. The cost for the 14 week course next term is as follows:

1 child – £147.00 + £10 = £157.00

2 children £294.00 + £10 = £304.00

3 children £441.00 less 15% discount (£66.15) + £10 = £384.85

For those parents who have children currently having lessons on a Tuesday and Wednesday where we had to cancel a class earlier in the term. Prices (including the membership fee) will be as follows:

1 child – £146.50

2 children – £283.00

3 children – £358.08


It is with great sadness that from next term Lauren will be leaving us. Lauren has been a part of the team for a considerable number of years and her consideration, knowledge reliability and general loveliness will be missed by us all. Lauren and her family will be moving from the area for a new start in life, and we wish her every happiness and success in all that she does going forward.

Lauren currently assists classes on a Saturday and Monday, and we are pleased to say that Sophia will be taking over that role. Sophia has been with us for a couple of terms now and has proved herself to be a great addition to our team. She works very well with the pupils and other members of staff. Sophia has just completed the first level of swimming teaching after being on a course recently. We are sure she will be a great asset to the swim school 😊


Our lovely Jan will be relinquishing her Tuesday classes next term, and Zara will be taking over from her.


The new term will be as follows W/c Saturday 7th – Wednesday 11th September and run for the following 14 consecutive weeks with the last dates of the course being w/c Saturday 7th  – Wednesday 11th December.

We will run lessons as usual through the half term w/c Monday 21st October and the weekends either side. 


Can we please again reiterate that when we allocate a space for your child for the next term, it is your responsibility to get them to the lesson. Fortunately for us our lessons are very popular and each enrolment time we have trouble placing pupils into classes, we have very little flexibility on being ale to offer a make up class if a pupil cannot attend. We will not overfill classes to accommodate pupils who have been unable to attend their current booked class time. Please be aware  that when you book a class that you are committed to that day and time for the term.


Over the next couple of weeks all pupils will be working towards awards available at the level of their class. If you wish to purchase any certificates, then please go to the desk (after enrolment week) and we can order them for you. Certificates do have to be paid for in advance as we print them. The cost of a Badge and Certificate is £3.50.


First watching week: Saturday 28th  September – Wednesday 2nd October. 

Second watching week Saturday 2nd  – Wednesday 6th November.


Please check the website for up-to-date information including term dates, a copy of the newsletter and the list of all pupils who have received the Certificate of Achievement from each class.


The last week of term is fun week and your child may come along to ANY one of the sessions listed below on the half hour. No pupil will be able to join in midway between sessions. We will adhere to maximum bather load which means that when we reach 35 pupils. When this is reached, any pupil that arrives after will be asked to wait until the next session (this doesn’t happen very often!).


The times are as follows:

SATURDAY               20th July                   First session 9am                      Last session 10.30am

SUNDAY                    21st July                   First session 9am                      Last session 9.30am

MONDAY                  22nd July                  First session 5pm                      Last session 6.30pm

TUESDAY                 23rd July                   First session 5pm                      Last session 6pm

WEDNESDAY                       24th July                   First session 5pm                      Last session 6.30pm 

May I take this opportunity on behalf of all the staff to wish you all a lovely summer. We look forward to seeing you next term.

Best Wishes Anne.